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JMK secure integrated credit card processing

Modern Tire Dealer

September 13, 2011

JMK Computerized Tire Dealer Information System has introduced secure and compliant Web-based payment processing options integrated into the point-of-sale process.

According to the company, benefits include:

  1. Convenience -- each work station is a common clearing point for credit, debit, fleet, Bridgestone/Firestone, and other proprietary cards common on the retail tire front counter.
    And automated credit card 'reversal' is allowed without the need to secure the original card.

  2. Efficiency & the integrated credit card customer obligation statement prints directly on the standard invoice form, eliminating the need for an extra paper strip and printer.
    Proprietary cards process along with others, eliminating the need for multiple processing units at the sales counter, the company says.

  3. Control -- back office Web-based reporting.

"The retail/commercial service industry is driven by credit card processing as it has become the payment of choice in this economy."

"The efficiency of this automation plays to the convenience of the customer and counter person -- along with definable clearing cost savings for the company," says Jim Krakower, Director of System Development at JMK.

JMK is a provider of integrated tire and vehicle service business management software system for multiple and volume single location dealerships.

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