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Tire / Vehicle Service
Point of Sale / Back Office Integration
Cloud ERP System

Point of Sale

  • National Accounts
  • Purchase Resale
  • Remote User Access
  • Multi-State
  • Multi-Corporation
  • Integrated Document Imaging

Embedded Back Office

  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Purchase Order
  • Human Resources
  • Asset Depreciation


  • Specific Vehicle Profiles Tracked by VIN ID
  • Automated Service Reminders
  • Service//SMART


  • Smartphone Marketing
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Accessible through QR Code
  • Hunter Alignment Reports
  • MOTOR Recommendations
  • Standalone Application

Mobile Data Device

  • Vehicle:
    • Retail/comm. curbside check-in
    • Inspection (DVI) with 2-way
      text & email
    • Employee id assignment

  • Inventory:
    • Check-in & delivery confirmation


  • Visual Data
  • Embedded Analytics
  • J-Dash
  • Inventory Stock
  • Vendor Pricing


  • Document Imaging
  • Save Digital Receipts
  • Save Related Documents
  • Immediate Document Recall
  • Eliminate Paper Storage

Hunter Alignment Integration

  • Setup Hunter pc as work station
  • Tire//SMART Point of Sale
    sends data to and from
    Hunter Alignment Machine
  • Tech can edit work order and review service history from machine


  • Tire HQ
  • National Accounts
  • Data Conversion
  • 'Open Order' Global Process Automation

Tire Manufacturer
-Direct Billing
Credit Memo Apply

  • National Account
    with parts/labor
  • Vehicle Dealer
  • Gov't Price Support


  • Fluid levels & Labor Times
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • WIX, FRAM, PartsPLUS
  • Automated Recall of past vehicle
    service work

Management System

  • Minimize inventory count errors
  • Eliminate manual or duplicate data entry
  • Inventory control over all warehouse operations

Text Messaging

  • Seamless system integration
    eliminates data export
  • Sends both appointment reminders
    and service follow-ups
    with RATING inquiry
    for Google and Facebook
  • Allows for customized timing and
    message content
    relevant to purchases

Open Order Management

  • Shop schedule tracking
  • Order 'consolidation' process
  • In-bay service order progress
  • Digital vehicle Inspection (DVI)
    (in-system or add-on choices)
  • Service history & scheduling
    smartphone app

Credit Card
Fee Saver

  • cCard//SMART credit card (cc)
    processing with best practices
    for the lowest clearing rates
  • On average, savings of 22 to 38
    basis points.
  • Processing fully integrated into
    system, providing full audit trail

Real Time
Inventory Adjustment

  • J-UPC allows inventory adjustment
    right from your smartphone
  • Simply scan item UPC,
    adjust quantity, and you're done
  • No need for extra hardware