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Table of Contents

1. Setup for Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminder Usage

2. Setup for Appointment Followups

  • 1. Choose the timing of when you want to send the followup.
    • See above reminder timings for explanation on the format of how they are set.
      • The only difference for reminders is that they are sent after the appt rather than before it, and where the field is set.
    • While appt reminders timings are the same for every appt, appt followup timing is dynamic.
      • The timing is determined by the items on the order you are following up on.
      • For example, let's say you had an order with a wiper blade on it as well as a new set of tires.
        • You may want to followup on how their new wiper blade install went a few days after the order went through.
        • Whereas for a new set of tires you'd want to give them a longer time before asking for feedback, so they have time to test them out.
      • J-Buzz takes the longest days away setting from the list of items on the order and uses that for the followup.
        • So for wiper blades configured for 3 days after and tires configured for 7 days after, the text would send 7 days after.
      • The timing is set for each product type. If there isn't an item with a configured product type on the order then no followup text will be sent.
    • To set the values go to OE Opt #28, select DP, and select the code value for the product types you want to configure.
    • The place to change for each product type is on scr 1 and is field 31.

    • TIP: The description for the prod type, fld 2, is what is going to be used as the service if the service is referenced in the text msg.
  • 2. Choose the content of the message you want to send.
    • This can be any message and can use data from the work order.
    • Example: "How was your service on I$ at L$? Review it on Google here: https://g.page/r/CZPUN546dG8wEAg/review."
      • This message will be filled in with the correct date and location when it is sent.
      • It is recommended to use a social media platform to have your service reviewed such as Google, Facebook, or Yelp.
        • To get the customized links for your store, contact Tire//SMART for assistance.
    • Set the value by creating a new CM record in O/E opt 28, selection CM, with code value J-BUZZ FOLLOWUP

Appointment Followup Usage

  • Go to an active work order and go onto the 'O' screen.
  • Make sure the order has a cell phone number on it with texting set to 'TxOK'
    • The first valid phone number on the list of numbers will be chosen.
  • On the list of items on the 'I' screen, make sure one has a product type that is configured for J-Buzz
  • When the order is ready to be consummated, perform an 'E20'.
  • The followup text message will then be scheduled to be sent.
  • For info on the audit trail and how it used J-Buzz, see reminder usage above.

Confirm appointments with J-Confirm

3. Automated stock filling

4. Marketing Reminders

  • Use Market Maker to generate a marketing message to send to customers.
  • Uses extrapolated mileage using vehicle's service history for routine operations such as:
    • Oil changes.
    • Alignment checks.
    • Brake checks.
    • Seasonal.
      • Winterization - Snow tire change.
      • Springtime - A/C service, remove snow tires, etc.
    • Can be automated or ran manually from A/H option 6.



  • Allows sales person entry of vehicle specific service comments to track a followup action which is then:
    • Sent electronically by your mail marketing provider, to send your customers a reminder of the work to be done.
    • Provided as a reminder at Point Of Sale to salesperson next time customer comes in, to ask customer about service needs for that vehicle.
    • Reported to your sales staff for direct follow up.
  • Click here to learn more.

7. Vehicle Service Progress Reports

  • See service progress report from any screen within O/E opt #2.
    • a. TS to send 'Text STATUS' to customer.
    • b. M to send from eMAIL/tXtmsg screen.