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Some of our customers, their stores, and their people

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Fitzgerald Tires

Top Ten Reasons for Using JMK

  1. JMK is a good resource for industry trends

  2. Hardware recomended by JMK is reliable and well researched

  3. Equipment needs are addressed promply with overnight delivery capabliity
  4. PC system is easy to navigate with many useful options from point of sale to accounting and inventory
  5. The Linux system is lightning fast
  6. Support staff is patient and speaks in laymens terms
  7. Support is actually JMK in the USA, not outsourced
  8. We have been with JMK for 17 years and can count on one hand the times when our system has been down
  9. Even though they are 2 hours behing our East Coast location, the still answer support calls at 4:00 AM
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