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Features You Can Use

Ease of System Setup

Simple/Easy Data Access from the “Point of Sale” screen using Quick//LINK

  • With just a single click (or at most a few keystrokes) from within the order entry screens, Quick//LINK returns data from 18 inter-operating system modules, providing answers to customers’ questions such as:
    • Do you have items available for my needs? At what price?
    • What did I buy in the past? How much did I pay?
    • Did you get my last check? How did you apply it?
    • How much do I owe now? What invoices are open?
    • Do you have an appointment slot available for next week?
    • Can you send me a reminder about relining my brakes in 2 months?
  • Automates the process, empowering the salesperson–with minimal effort–to add on appropriate items & increase your sales
  • Minimizes wasting the customer’s and salesperson’s time

Custom Feature Option

Cloud-based System / Hardware Setup

Unparalleled 24/7/365 System Support
by People with Answers!

Return on Investment